Tuesday, 20 October 2015


I was in my grandma's house in Israel over the summer and found some old photo's of myself and my family.
They bring back the best memories and stories which I will try to explain really briefly for you - some of these photo's I was never in or even alive at that time but are still photo's that are close to my heart.
Below is a picture of my sister Alicia, not a very old photo but reminds me of when she was way younger, she's literally so stunning!
This was taken at her dancing when she had just started.
I remember being very worried about her going off into a dance class as I know how judgemental other dancers can be, even at that age! But look at her now, a gorgeous little dancer with amazing talent.
The next picture is my mother and sister years back in Greece laid poolside at night, I remember the pool being pretty at night with lighting and effects.
My sister is wearing a cheerleading outfit that I used to love!!!

Below is a photograph of my grandmother and sister, I don't know the story behind this image but I love it as it has two of my favourite people on.
This picture is of me, its quite a strange photo as I'm pretending to enjoy these tomato's when actually I can not stand them... literally my most hated food ever!
I think you can actually see the pain on my face.
This picture is an oldie, when I was very young!
Don't think modelling was ever my thing ;) hahaha!

This is another ''modelling'' picture of me hahaha!
But a little older.
Really glad i never went through with that career ;) 
This is a VERY old photo of my mummy as you can tell by the outfit alone ;)
I do like the ride though! If I'm correct this photo was taken in the old USSR which doesn't even exist anymore.
This isn't an old picture but its my sister looking through these photo's.
I can't wait for her to look at this picture in 15+ years and do what I'm doing right now
This is taken in the house that my little sister was born in, well where she came HOME to after the hospital, so some of my best memories are actually in that house!
This little rabbit is called ''ZAYA'' and i still have and love him dearly. He's life <3 We all have that toy from our childhood right?
This photo touches me deeply as 2 people who are so close to me aren't here anymore unfortunately.
Mum and Dads wedding day.
They both looked BEUTIFUL, mums dress was gorgeous! Showed off her figure, dad looked smart in his suit. Perfect wedding!!

This is a picture of me when i was asked to be a flower girl for a wedding as they loved how I look ;)
Don't feel too pretty looking at this picture but I guess they did ahaha!
(dad and mum)
I love the photo below of me and my mum!
I can remember always going for picnics near this lake/river and doing handstands all the time haha!
Mum looks beautiful.
(p.s this was my favourite outfit at one point)
Another one from mum and dads wedding.
This is a picture of my cousin Dana at my parents' wedding, looking a little tired? ;)
But cute!!
Mum at my uncles bar mitzvah.
My uncles looking like they do everyday ;)
(jokes) But I do find this picture a little amusing!!
This picture is filled with family.
Mums and dads wedding.
Both Grandma's in this photo, Aunties, Uncles, Cousins and Parents <3

 This is one of the oldest photo's as its my mum when she was younger than what i am now!
I actually really like her school uniform.

A close up of her face on her wedding day.
Cute make up mommy! Hair's a little cray cray thought ;)
This is me. Looking slightly angry ... think I wanted someone to pick me up haha!
& Last of all, my mum in the disco years, looking like a raver haha!
There are millions more photo's but these are the ones I chose to share with you.
Please do not copy and re-post these pictures. Thank you for reading!!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Whenever I'm in any sort of negative mood I try to concentrate on the good things in life, I always turn a sad situation to happy as its all in my own hands!
There are many things that usually make me happy but I want to share how you can make the simple things help out your bad moods. Many people deal with sadness differently, some people like to isolate there selves and deal with it all on their own, but I strongly recommend using 1 of the 5 things that make ME happy, to bring YOUR happiness back to you!

The thing with family and friends is that they is usually too much of them or not enough of them. In my life I have a lot although mine are scattered around the world. My friends & family are always keeping me happy by simple ways, just speaking to them!

The way you could cheer yourself up with family and friends is by having a quick chat, bring up fun times that you've had in the past, dig for those good memories and let your mind enjoy the thought of those.

This is one of my favourite things to do... EVER!
Weather its jetting off to a hot country, ferrying through to a nearby European country or simply driving to the next town, its always fun going on an adventure! It educates me on the little things and usually relaxes me.

Maybe if your feeling down, you should also book a trip somewhere, where you can turn off all electrical devices and just relax, without thinking of anything that can bring you down

Personally, I'm a girl of many hobbies... I like a lot of things and in my spare time I could find 100000 fun things to do! If I ever feel down I get on with something that is fun for me and it usually fetches my mood back up!

Getting inspired for new hobbies is very easy, weather its sport, social or artistic there are millions of things you could be doing to keep your mind of the negativity.
Find something that you really enjoy doing it and do it at least every 2/3 days, It really helps your happiness as you are doing something you love to do!

I think music is a healer, it always helps! With music I can make myself happy, angry, excited, sad, humoured and jealous.. all depending on what I listen to. Music is a big part of my life and I like to listen to it daily.

Make a playlist of 15-20 songs that are your ''happy songs'' and every time you feel yourself getting to the low spot, pick your self up by the use of music and fun lyrics! 

This is my favourite ;) I loveeeeeeeee buying new make up, new clothes, new house stuff and gadgets ... I enjoy receiving them in the post rather than going out and buying them, because it just gives me something to look forward to! When buying something it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive or amazing! It can be something simple that gets you excited to receive it.

Maybe you've seen something in the shops a few week back and couldn't get it as your size or colour wasn't there, maybe it was sold out or unavailable in that specific store... Buy it online!! You will feel great after you've purchased it and even better once it arrives!

Hopefully that helped, like i said there are many more things that make me happy in my life, and whenever you are feeling down... Find something that is worth been happy about :)

- Diana, xx


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Tuesday, 11 August 2015


I have a feeling this will be harder than I expect it to be, I tried to think of five facts on the top of my head and struggled when I got to four!
Hopefully with a little time and a lot of thinking I can get twenty interesting facts that will help you get to know me better.
1) I am OCD about dates, time &organisation, everything has to be planned & wrote down!
2) I own an 'Angry Birds' speaker that is very loud and don't go a day without listening to music blasting out of the thing!
3) I hate pen's that are less than 1.8mm ball-thickness, just doesn't feel right.
4) I don't use the mouse on my laptop, I use the Wireless Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3500
5) I watch youtubers more than I watch TV programs
6) I have a bad habit of ragging off my bed sheet in my sleep... weird I know!!
7) I mostly tweet lyrics of songs rather than what I'm doing or the usual day-to-day tweets.
8) I adore following high brand fashion, most of which I can't even afford. Adding clothing to my basket and seeing how much I'd have to spend if I wanted to truly get ''what I want'' from that specific website (usually Balmain)
9) I'm usually too lazy to read other peoples blogs and just read bold parts, the title or short sentences... the rest of the blog I just view the pictures of. (yep! and I'm a blogger myself)
10) I only use Skype to speak to family & friends abroad the UK
11) I adore Japanese food but hate sea food!!!!
12) I love reading books although It takes me ages to get into them, but once I'm past the 60th page I can't stop!!!!!
13) I'm afraid of the dark
14) I'm crazy over anything that is grey! Clothing, Interior, Electricals, Gadgets, Books ... etc. But specially over GREY LEATHER... if its leather... AND its grey... its mine!
15) I've never drank a full pint of beer in my life (not a fan - prefer cocktails)
16) I never played with Bratz dolls when I was a kid, was always Barbie or Myscene dolls
17) I'm obsessed with getting my back cracked
18) I dislike Indian food
19) I sleep with 9 pillows
20) I love heights and speed!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

DAYBOOK || 4th August - Meeting Marcus Butler (IMAGES)

Myself, My sister Alicia, My friend Amy & her sister Georgina @ The Marcus Butler meet up.
We had waited quite a few week to see Marcus as we booked our tickets pretty early.
The book tour he was holding out is called 'Hello Life!' and he is touring the UK, on the 4th of August 2015 he was in Leeds, so we went to see him there.
With our ticket we where entitled to one selfie with Marcus and a book, a signed book!
The event ran smoothly and faster than I imagined although the queue's seemed long and tiring.
It was well  worth it in the end as he was the sweetest! Such an inspiring, funny guy Butler is!

Follow us in meeting Marcus:
Finally arriving in the queue!
Sister Alicia, Friends Georgina & Amy:
Our passes to the event!

The event took place in Waterstone's.
 Alicia, Amy & Georgina
The girls with their books!!!
 He's behind there!!
 I came across the fashion books, wish I bought them ALL!!
 My cute little sister!
  Finally - MARCUS!!!!!!!!! #HelloLife

Monday, 3 August 2015


Welcome to My Bucket List.
I want to share some of my most-wanted things to do in life!
Some may sound silly, impossible or crazy but each to their own huh? ;)

1) Tsitsernakaberd - Armenian Genocide memorial
2) Kiev - Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II
3) New York City- Top of the Rock Observation Deck
4) Nevada - Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas
5) Amalfi Coast - Italy
1) Try Tacos - Mexican Dish
2) Try Burrito - Mexican, American Dish
3) In 'n' Out Burger - American Take away
4) Dim Sum - Hong Kong
5) Cheese fondue - Switzerland
1) A trip, I want to take my grandparents somewhere
2) Full Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Collection
3) Balmain Jacket (Literally any jacket! Each one is stunning)
4) A piece of real, well known art work
5) Invest my time to make some-type of positive change to somebodies life, whatever that may be.
1) Learn Italian language
2) How to make small life changes that will benefit our lives, or other lives in the future.
3) To read and write in Hebrew (I can understand & speak it, although I get shy haha)
4) The history of the old USSR
5) Learn an Asian Language (Japanese / Chinese)
1) A real life rocket launched into the sky (not through video)
2) See a leopard sting ray in Bora Bora
3) Lil Wayne, preforming to me personally
4) 100,000 views on my blog ;)
5) An Alien, preferably as cute as Paul... nothing scary please!
1) Sky Dive, somewhere beautiful
2) Own every Mac Cosmetics product released
3) Go to a celebrities house party
4) Shop in Monaco (when we went to see Monte Carlo all the shops where closed)
5) Attend a World Cup Game || Olympics
 Thankyou for reading!
Let me know if you would also love to do / try any of these.
Also interested to know what your bucket list consists of?
- love, Diana xx

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