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DAYBOOK || 18th TO 28th JULY 2015 - Tenerife

departure 18th - return 28th.

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The journey to Tenerife begins early, I snoozed my alarm clock for another ten minuets since i don't need much time to get ready... I never make effort while travelling, usually applying make up when I'm crossing seas breaks out my skin.
After checking in and doing all the basic airport-type stuff we headed for a Burger King, i think the only time we ever opt for a BK instead of a MCdee's is when we are at the airport.
(Manchester Airport)
As we where boarding the plane i got that first feel of holiday, even though i was still on British land, it felt just that little bit closer to being in the Canary Islands!
The airplane journey was quite difficult getting there, it seemed very long, very loud and very tiring.
Every other row seemed to have children sitting in, well standing, screaming and crying more like!
When we finally arrived at the Airport in Tenerife we where greeted with a friendly smiling woman driver holding a 'WELCOME VIP PARUM'' sign.
The woman then guided us to our transport car and we where on four wheels to the hotel... finally!
twenty minuets later we arrived at the reception and are greeted by our close family friends who have got there a couple hours before us due to catching a different flight.
With them, arriving around 5 hours before them, 7 hours before cousin Dana who had flown in from Georgia. I haven't seen her for around a year now so was nice to be spending 10 days with her.
Later as we settled in our rooms, unpacked our suitcases and had a nice hot shower we decided were not yet ready for bed so we jumped in the pool for a late night swim!
That was a fantastic way to start of the holiday...
The pool was so warm even thought it was the middle of the night, i could of stayed in there all night but the water soon relaxed me enough to want to get to sleep.
Waking up early is always much more pleasant in a hot country, in a holiday bed with a poolside view.
As i get throw on a summery dress and flip flips my cousin wakes up and we head for a Spanish-infused-English-tourist-based- breakfast.
After breakfast me and my cousin Dana found ourselves beside the pool, catching up on a lot of gossip that we have stored up in a year!
The rest of the day was pretty chilled, in the pool... round the pool and in the snack bar, typical!
In the evening we prepared to go down for a meal ( All inclusive )
It usually takes me a good couple of hours to get ready but on holiday it takes me like 15 mins as no effort is put into my face, hair or outfit... I just throw on something summery and a pair of flip flops and go!
The rest of the evening was great, a table with 2/4 of the families of this holiday sharing foreign jokes, teeth showing smiles all round and a few holiday cocktails.
(other2fams arriving a day or two later)
Good start!
Before ''bed'' we got changed back into our swimwear and jumped into the pool for another late night swim, the pool was located directly 3 large steps in front of our front door so we when i say we got changed and jumped into the pool... I literally mean it :D
Another hot, early morning as we head down for a breakfast & an orange juice
(my fave breaky drink)
And following the same routine ---- straight to the pool!
We chilled there most of the afternoon until 3:30 when a foam party kicked of on the resorts tennis court which was so much fun! You can never be too old for bubbles!
The reps hosting the foam party also cut us up a massive cake which honesty, the best cake i have ever had!! Tasted sooooooo good...
In the evening we headed for another meal, the usual.
Then chilled round the pool, had some watermelon and sweets then jumped in the pool... once again... the usual.
After breakfast we greeted the 3/4 family who have arrived and have got a room just above ours which was amazing!
(all 4 family's had rooms mega close to each other in the end)
That day was spent around the pool, again... the usual.
Soon the 4/4 family had arrived to our surprise much earlier than we had expected, which was great as I got to spend the rest of that day in the pool with my baby cousins!
It was so lovely, relaxed and warm - I didn't realise how hot it actually was till later that night when i realised I'd actually burnt my shoulders and my nose
 (bare in mind i was born in a hot country and i hardly ever ever everrrrrrrrrr burn!)
This evening the table was filled with 16 people, close family & family friends = amazing!
& after food we headed down the the seafront for a walk on the beach and to book some activities such as Siam Park, Aqua Park, Flyboard, Volcano Hunting, Jet Skii + more.
After this we had a couple of games of pool in the hotel then for me it was bedtime as i was quite tired from the beach walk!
The usual - breakfast - pool - chilling - relaxing...

I decided to go sit on the balcony in the shade & quite to write up some of my blog as I'd forget what happened the first few days if i didn't get it all wrote down, it was nice to get my pen to the paper and my head back in business for an hour then back to the pool!

Later that day was time for the Jet Ski
- I've only been once before so it was still pretty new & interesting for me...
I paired up with my cousin Dana and we took turns ''driving''
It was so much fun! We ended up going so far in the open sea and we actually saw a turtle//tortoise in its natural habitat, it was such a beautiful thing to see!!!
At first I thought it was some rubbish or something but as we slowed down we realised its a cute little (well large) reptile.

After the Jet Ski session we made our way to the dark sand beach and had a little swim - that was until my sister and jenny had noticed there where some of those...
 ( I have no idea what the official name is )
On sea, blown up bouncing trampolines & climbing things that also have slides and stuff!
If you get me?
They are harder than they look, trust me!
I went on with them and its so hard to pull yourself up on them from the sea haha...

When we got back to the hotel it was all about shower time then food time as we where starving!!!!

Siam Water Park day!
 We parked up and made our way into the gates of the Siam Water Park to start our adventure ;)

After getting settled on a sunbed, leaving all our stuff in the lockers etc. we headed of on the rides, they where so much fun!
As there where 16 of us we all went with certain people to certain places as we couldn't all go to same things (age difference + ride preference)

The whole day was so fun! Crossing paths with our family members or friends while walking to the next ride and explaining how fun the rides they where about to get on was awesome.
Later we all met up for some food, I literally ADORE the food at Siam Park.

I've been around 4 times (I think its four) and I always get the same thing... the pizza!
Its soooooooo goooooooood thereeeeeeee

As the day went on it was time for the one and only Tower of Power which is a huge slide with an almost vertical drop of 28 metre's!
After the drop your lead through a shark and stingray pool just before your chucked out into the pool... Its pretty cool!


Today we decided to go to the beach for a few hours but first we stopped of at a restaurant on the beach...
I had a lovely Spaghetti & Sauce & shared a pizza with my cousin Dana.
It was really nice!
It was quite hot that day so instead of going to the beach with everyone, I got a cab back to the hotel after the meal, I wasn't feeling too well - when I got back to the hotel
I chilled on the balcony (my fave place) its so cool there because of the shade and had a good view so I enjoyed sitting there and reading my Zoella book ( Girl Online )
which by the way is an awesome book!

After the usual breakfast - pool - regime everyone had got ready to go to the beach again, I decided to give this one a miss once again as I wasn't feeling like sitting in the sun.
I stayed in my shade on my balcony and read my book again!

While the other lot had gone to the beach and then to eat sushi.
The rest of the day followed as usual, poolside - food time - poolside evening - night time pool time - bed.

On Sunday everyone had got ready to go to the Aqua Land Water Park, I've been quite a few times and since I still wasn't feeling too good I chose to stay home and get my book finished, which was quite a relaxing choice for me!
My father had stayed to and since I didn't go to sushi the other day with everybody
 ( and I hate missing out on sushi!!!! )
He took me down to the sea front to the MISHI SUSHI CLUB to order a few of my favourite sushi.

As I don't eat sea food I got 1 portion with omelette, avocado and cucumber.
1 portion with Philadelphia cheese, cucumber and avocado.
& 1 portion with teriyaki chicken, cucumber & avocado.
Yes I do really like cucumber and avocado in my sushi...


After breakfast we had quite a chilled day - pool all day long with everybody was really lovely as the holiday was coming to an end and we just wanted to spend some time together with the people who we wouldn't see for a while.

As the sun went down a little, we went out for a meal close by next to our hotel... The restaurant was so nice, great service and great quality food!

I had a mouth-watering chicken and mushroom tenne pasta topped with a lot of cheese and cheese sauce & for desert I went for a pineapple ice-cream in the centre of a real pineapple!
It was really good!

This was our last evening in the hotel so we chilled round the pool like we do every night with everyone, we always cut up a big watermelon, have a few glasses of wine and eat some snacks... Its so relaxing and fun at the same time because of the company we had around us.

Home time it was.
First my father, my uncle and I drove my cousin Dana to the airport as she was flying a few hours before us, then we got back to the hotel... went in the pool for the last two hours and after we got ready and went to the airport - Its always sad to be leaving the holiday but we where quite excited to get to our new house.

Surprisingly the journey back was soooooooo much easier than the journey there!
My dad and I had 3 seats each to ourselves and my mother & sister had 3 between them... Not bad at all!
I slept through most of it laid out along the three seats which was pretty good. I travel a lot and find that if you sit on the spare rows you usually end up with a full row to yourself ( hint )

Arriving back in England was pleasant as we where closer to our new lovely house, although we did have a long drive home from the airport soon we where finally at our door step... Back home.


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- Thankyou for reading my Daybook from the 18th to 28th July, your more than welcome to comment below on which day you enjoyed, any questions and if you have been to any of those places... what was your experiences there like?
- love, Diana xx
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