Sunday, 2 August 2015


click on image to see in detail!
My sister has been bugging me all week to get her laptop connected to Wi-Fi
( had some technical difficulties)
So today I tried doing it for the last and final time as I was getting sick of hearing the same thing over and over again - BUT it was worth it in the end.
As her laptop didn't end up connecting to our Wi-Fi I told her ''at least you can use paint''
bare in mind my sister adores Paint!
So myself on my laptop and my sister on hers, sat alllllll SATURday doing this!
She did one and I did this one, It came out better than expected so I had to share it on my blog! I'm actually very proud of it HAHA!
Its actually really good for relaxation purposes as you put your full concentration into the detail and getting the lines right - its like meditating for your mind but through art!
I'm actually going to challenge myself and do some more really detailed images through paint and see how 'far it can go' (;
Its actually really fun when you have nothing else to do!
Do your best PAINT & show me...

- love, diana xx
please share

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