Thursday, 30 July 2015


Welcome to my Wishlist.
I'm not going to post everything I want because the list would go on fooorever!
I have a folder in my favourites with saved webpages of things I would like to have and here are some of those.
(p.s i'll put the links below the photo's for those who are interested)
So as many people who know me, know that I'm madly obsessed with Grey Leather...
there is just something about it!!
I even named my Tumblr fashion blog BLACK WHITE AND GREY LEATHER!
anyway back to the boots.
These are Christian Louboutin 'Cate' boots
This is a Givenchy 'Antigona Pink Mini Leather' bag that I am in love with!
I like how its a very neutral kind of pink and will go with many of my clothes!
when it comes to fashion & clothing I 'kinda' have two personalities.
Half of me likes neutral colours which include black, white, cream, grey, nude etc
and the other side of me loves pastel blues, burgundies and warm orange tones.
& Here is a perfect example of my duo-personality when it comes to colours.
I really like the design and colours in this!
This is a Black, white & Red blazer by Givenchy.
This is the Electric Palette from Urban Decay.
It is a bloggers/make up artists' favourite here online and I've heard so much about it!
I'm dying to try it out. I heard the pigmentation of these colours are great.
Email me if you have it, what do you really think of it?
- Like i said this wishlist would go on and on and on so goodbye for now
but keep an eye out because I will be updating this list very often!!
( last updated on the 19.12.14 )

- love, Diana xx

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