Sunday, 9 August 2015

DAYBOOK || 4th August - Meeting Marcus Butler (IMAGES)

Myself, My sister Alicia, My friend Amy & her sister Georgina @ The Marcus Butler meet up.
We had waited quite a few week to see Marcus as we booked our tickets pretty early.
The book tour he was holding out is called 'Hello Life!' and he is touring the UK, on the 4th of August 2015 he was in Leeds, so we went to see him there.
With our ticket we where entitled to one selfie with Marcus and a book, a signed book!
The event ran smoothly and faster than I imagined although the queue's seemed long and tiring.
It was well  worth it in the end as he was the sweetest! Such an inspiring, funny guy Butler is!

Follow us in meeting Marcus:
Finally arriving in the queue!
Sister Alicia, Friends Georgina & Amy:
Our passes to the event!

The event took place in Waterstone's.
 Alicia, Amy & Georgina
The girls with their books!!!
 He's behind there!!
 I came across the fashion books, wish I bought them ALL!!
 My cute little sister!
  Finally - MARCUS!!!!!!!!! #HelloLife

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