Monday, 3 August 2015


What is it?
I've heard a lot about Pintrest before to me it sounded similar to ''weheartit'' & not too far of Instagram.
Which in reality, it is.
In a few words, Pintrest allows you to build ''Boards'' with images you PIN into them, you can also LIKE these images, LIKE these boards and follow people with good pins//boards.
If that makes sense?!
So currently I only have 19 boards which are:
Interior & Home | Make Up | Hair | Israel | Models | Colourful | Fashion | Celeb | Nails | Food | Drinks | Travel | Piercing | Jewellery | Gold//Rose Gold | Mac Cosmetics | Own Photography | Rap Game // Hip Hop | Black x White
These boards are constantly updated with new images!
Would I recommend it and why?
If you like social media/image page type stuff then you should like it also!
You can add comments / like things just the same as on other websites but this one is just fully image based - this is why I compare it to Instagram.
Its quite fun adding images that are pleasant to your eye, into folders that you design yourself. Its quite therapeutic!
Also it gives you a lot of inspiration which is always good.
For example;
you are wanting to re-do your kitchen... need ideas? PINTREST!
you want to decorate your garden... need ideas? PINTREST!
want to discover a new cocktail... need ideas? PINTREST!
etc! etc! etc! etc! etc! 
It is also good for the fact that you don't need to clog your PC / Laptop with images that you want to save. Add them to your Pintrest then delete them from your folders.
I want to share some images that personally, I love! Here is one from each topic (board) I have.

Hope that helped and maybe inspired you to start up a Pintrest, Comment below the link to your Pintrest and ill check it out :D
- love, Diana xx

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