Monday, 3 August 2015


Welcome to My Bucket List.
I want to share some of my most-wanted things to do in life!
Some may sound silly, impossible or crazy but each to their own huh? ;)

1) Tsitsernakaberd - Armenian Genocide memorial
2) Kiev - Museum of the History of Ukraine in World War II
3) New York City- Top of the Rock Observation Deck
4) Nevada - Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas
5) Amalfi Coast - Italy
1) Try Tacos - Mexican Dish
2) Try Burrito - Mexican, American Dish
3) In 'n' Out Burger - American Take away
4) Dim Sum - Hong Kong
5) Cheese fondue - Switzerland
1) A trip, I want to take my grandparents somewhere
2) Full Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Collection
3) Balmain Jacket (Literally any jacket! Each one is stunning)
4) A piece of real, well known art work
5) Invest my time to make some-type of positive change to somebodies life, whatever that may be.
1) Learn Italian language
2) How to make small life changes that will benefit our lives, or other lives in the future.
3) To read and write in Hebrew (I can understand & speak it, although I get shy haha)
4) The history of the old USSR
5) Learn an Asian Language (Japanese / Chinese)
1) A real life rocket launched into the sky (not through video)
2) See a leopard sting ray in Bora Bora
3) Lil Wayne, preforming to me personally
4) 100,000 views on my blog ;)
5) An Alien, preferably as cute as Paul... nothing scary please!
1) Sky Dive, somewhere beautiful
2) Own every Mac Cosmetics product released
3) Go to a celebrities house party
4) Shop in Monaco (when we went to see Monte Carlo all the shops where closed)
5) Attend a World Cup Game || Olympics
 Thankyou for reading!
Let me know if you would also love to do / try any of these.
Also interested to know what your bucket list consists of?
- love, Diana xx

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