Thursday, 30 July 2015


I want to start with this quote.
First of all, TRAVEL! as much as you can.
There is no better way to experience life, you learn so much from
just one trip and sometimes the lessons you learn
can be life changing!
Traveling is also a thing that you can not spend money on with regret because its not a present that you
may dislike one day, its not
an expensive shoe that will not fit one day
its a memory made that you will keep until your very last day!
 I had to post this just for the fun of it!
Don't take life too serious and get that emotionally involved with things that they could affect
you negatively if they don't go as you may have wished.
Balance is key!

Another fun one, Ladies remember ... Looking for something or chasing it has more chance of it running away. Let this happen naturally while concentrating on perusing your dreams 
This one is sooooo true!!
My mother always tells me her true opinion on my friends, maybe she doesn't know them
as well as I do, but in the end she always ends up right.

we all judge people and all get judged.
it happenes to everyone and anyone but it doesn't mean that
you can't be different and just keep an open mind about someone
and get to know them before you make a judgement.
some people change very quickly, from bad to good and good to bad.
we all make mistakes so make sure your judging on the right things
and not only the wrong things a person has done

Honesty is everything to me!
Truth, no matter how bad is always the better option.
There is nothing worse than a good friend been dishonest
This one I can relate to.
Many people pretend to be something they are not to get liked and have a lot of friends
Although the people that chose to stand out, choose to stick up for what THEY believe in usually get judged and loose friends.
Their friends choose not to support them as it puts them in danger of loosing their own friends or getting judged too
But you have to stay real and you have to be YOU!
 The real friends will be there in the end and you will soon realise who accepts you the way you are and who just follows crowds

 This one many of us can relate to,
it is so hard to take a display picture-quality selfie.
you know the ones that when you see you just know its going straight to display pic?
we all do that lets be truthful!
well whenever i can't take a good selfie i start doubting my whole make up, hair and outfit?
but we shouldn't let the quality of our photographs define our beauty or moods.
This is a good one.
If you want to be successful then go all the way!
Make a name for yourself and allow yourself to be heard.
Let people know what YOU are all about and then they will know who you are and what good you do without you having to explain yourself.
This one is me 100% I care for people way too easily and get hurt a lot.
But been a caring person is never a bad thing
Peoples actions may affect us negatively but still try see the good in them and always stay nice.

What people tell you about other people really shows what kind of person the one who tells you is.
(if that makes sense haha)
People spreading them rumours to you, will more than likely
someday will spread them about you too.
 I love this one.
Be that good of a person that when something bad is said about it,
the people listening will know its
not true as they know how much of a good spirit you are.
We all get betrayed at one point, its an awful feeling but remember it happens to everyone and don't trust people
too much until you know you can put trust into them
its so easy to get close to people and think they are your friends
but when it comes to sticking up for your or being a TRUE friend
you realise that they was never their in the
first place.

 Lets finish of with a fun one
Been late can be very rude and unprofessional in some cases
but a looking unprofessional or badly/inappropriately dressed
can also be a form of bad manors.
Therefor try be well presented AND arrive on time show the best
presentation of yourself as possible 
- love, Diana xx

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